How Your Event & Entertainment Company Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Strategies in Nigeria

In order to stay above your competitors, it is important to make use of digital strategies in marketing your events and entertainment company. Digital marketing gives you a wide range of audience through the internet, thereby attracting more attendance to an event, gaining more sponsors and prompting your entertainment company.

  1. Social Media Management

Using the advantages of social media to interact with people all over the world, you can create, share and manage advertisement of an event. Social Media networks favour the event and entertainment industry as most people are always willing to attend a well promoted event.

Through social media, you can give promotions and discounted tickets to an event which will in turn draw more attention to your event, and hence increase turnout and profit. Social media platform needs to be managed properly by an expert social media management company to ensure the contents and adverts reach the targeted audience.

Through Social Media Advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you can promote your events, and get responses in a matter of seconds, after your campaign goes live. This is also a good way for your audience to share and engage with your events.

  1. Pay Per Click

Paid advertisement also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) enables you to advertise your upcoming event to your target audience at an affordable cost. The adverts are displayed on the top of search engines when internet users search for keywords related to your business or event, thereby ensuring that you are reaching the right audience.

For instance, if someone searches for a ‘digital marketing training’ event in Lagos Nigeria, and your advertised event is related to it, your advert will be displayed on the search engine alongside the search results, thereby encouraging the searcher to click on your ad, which in turn increases the chances of getting more attendees to your event. This is only one of the many benefits of PPC.

The services of a professional Pay Per Click service provider is important to ensure the adverts are done properly.

  1. Website – Landing Page

A great website is an important strategy in digital marketing and it provides full information about the event on the internet for many viewers who may not have known about it without such means. A landing page is a standalone webpage that helps you increase your fan base, get contact information from fans and also provide information about the event.

It is a cost effective website because it is a standalone webpage. The landing page has to be attractive to keep your potential customers on the page and should be developed properly to maximize its benefits. Using a good website development company for this purpose will enable you to achieve the advantages of having a website – online presence.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital strategy that ensures your content is search engine friendly and can be top ranked on any search engine such as Google. This enables your event to be seen by internet users who search for similar information, and gives you an advantage of being ranked ahead of your competitors.

A professional Search Engine Optimization service provider will be necessary to assist you enjoy the benefits of being ranked top for your desired keywords.

These listed digital marketing strategies can be used to promote any event, as well as make you stand out within your industry – event and entertainment industry. To ensure that your next event has a huge response rate as well as a high Return on Investment, contact us for a free digital marketing advice.


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