Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service in Lagos – Nigeria is about making sure your business appears for localised search queries on search engines like Google, Bing, and much more. Latest search engine algorithms are now favouring reputable local businesses over big global companies for local search queries. Reaching customers in the locality where your services are offered is a major goal for most local businesses as this increases the tendency of converting your visitors into sales.

If users are searching for “event centres near Ikeja” online, and you have an event centre based in Ikeja, will these visitors find your event centre?

So if your business is mainly targeted at local communities, or at both local and global users, then local SEO is for you. You do not need to pay millions to advertise in newspapers, billboards and yellow pages anymore. All you need is a local SEO expert who can help you target local customers without you breaking the bank.

As part of optimising your business website locally, we make sure your business is optimised for all local directories and search engines. This ensures that your business is found when prospective customers are searching within your locality.

Benefits of Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Local SEO is a significant part of internet marketing. Some of the benefits of local SEO are:

  • Increased local visibility
  • Ability to target users searching on desktop and mobile devices
  • Better rankings in search engine result pages
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Better visibility to people that are searching

Adding local SEO to your online marketing strategy should not be seen as an option but a necessity. Take advantage of this opportunity and be available to your ready-to-buy consumers who are just nearby before your competitor gets them all.

Why choose TopYouGo for your Local SEO?

Our team is made up of professionals that are ready to work round the clock to increase your brand’s visibility on the internet. We have devised various strategies that have proven to be very effective in helping local businesses rank better, both locally and globally.

From experience, we have learnt that different techniques work for different locations. This is not something every digital marketing agency knows. We offer location-specific strategies tailored to suit your local business, and this makes us stand out from the crowd.

Let’s help you to reach your local customers online!

Our Process:

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