Business Partnership Opportunity In Nigeria

At TopYouGo, we love to support a good cause, and we show this by partnering with companies, businesses, and individuals who have embraced modern digital growth and are obsessed with results. We are driven by our client’s success, which is why we work hard to help improve their business. We like to share our joy with companies, businesses, and individuals who are motivated to help us increase productivity and allow us to provide solutions in a new dimension. A successful partnership will open up opportunities and prospects that are otherwise unreachable for both parties. This is why we believe that our partnership initiative is a way to create a long-lasting business relationship while building a new potential path for both parties to explore.

Why Partner with TopYouGo?

Awarded the “Most Innovation Driven Digital Marketing Agency Of The Year 2017 In Nigeria”, we have a ‘winning’ team of digital experts, who are focused on delivering long-term results for our clients. Our forward-thinking approach, coupled with the adoption of new technology and processes, has proved to be a winning formula and has helped businesses to build a successful online presence through digital marketing. At TopYouGo, we do not go the easy way through shortcuts and cutting corners, but we go the extra mile in building a solution that is long-lasting and future-proofed. If you are looking to work with a digital agency who has an eye for the future and can achieve your goals more effectively by leveraging on the digital marketing efforts TopYouGo can provide, then let’s discuss further.

What is required to become a Partner?

To qualify and become a TopYouGo Partner, you are required to refer at least two clients to us within 6 months and with a minimum spend of ₦150,000 for each client. Afterwards, you are only required to refer at least two clients per year. Obviously, you are allowed to refer more clients to us as this will result to more opportunities for both of us. Once you introduce a client to us and they come on-board, then we will take care of the rest. We are happy for you to sit back while we serve your client with first-class services or you can collaborate with us to support the delivery of the service to your client.

What are the benefits of being a Partner?

We create a partnership bond that makes both parties stronger. For every client you successfully refer to us, you will receive a commission of between 5 – 10% of the fee paid by the client. There are other benefits we do offer to our clients such as a discount on personal projects, free corporate items, opportunity to visit our office for a consultation, free tickets to attend our training and events all through the year, and much more.

Come let’s build a future together!