Generate New Clients For Your Real Estate Business in Nigeria With These Strategies

It is no longer a secret that digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing and it has come to stay. One of the most important factors that makes digital marketing popular in the modern real estate industry is its ability to reach the right audience at pocket friendly rates. Most real estate companies are taking advantage of this goldmine by moving their businesses online as this is the latest trend which will keep you ahead of or on a level playing ground with your competitors. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in the real estate industry, then you should focus on these 4 effective digital marketing strategies.

  1. Digital Marketing Plan

The real estate industry in Nigeria has grown to a point where buyers now carry out extensive online research before making a final purchase. These buyers go online to search for properties and also compare digital agencies to know the right one to choose. This is why you need to introduce digital marketing to your real estate business.

Hire a reputable digital marketing agency in Nigeria to draw out a digital marketing plan for your business. This will save you the stress of running around in circles looking for what digital marketing strategy works for you. A digital marketing plan ensures you are visible to your target audience and always a step ahead of your competitors.

  1. Social Media Marketing Plan

Gone are the days when social media platforms were only used for personal use, sharing stuff about you and chatting your life away. It has advanced to the point where it is used to promote and grow business online. Social media has provided you with a platform to show how you’re different from your competitors and communicate with existing and prospective customers.

One common mistake real estate agencies make is that they only use their social media channels to broadcast listings and announce the next open house. This is not what your audience is looking for and that is the more reason why you should hire expert social media marketers to map out an effective social media marketing plan for your real estate agency.

With the emergence of Social Media Advertising, it means you can easily generate leads by placing ad campaign on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram at a low cost. Imagine a targeted and well-optimized ad campaign generating 50 leads who are interested in buying a plot of land in Ibeju-Lekki for ₦4.5 million per plot, for only ₦50,000 advertising cost. What do you stand to lose even if only one of those leads eventually converts?

  1. Email Marketing Campaign

People have always undermined the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign. This is one of the best digital marketing strategies for real estate that gives high return on investment. Most real estate agencies focus on generating leads and forget that they have to nurture these leads in order to convert them into actual sales. Email marketing campaigns is the best way to keep the conversation going with the leads generated from social media and other paid ads.

There are quite a number of effective email marketing tools out there but it is highly recommended to outsource this task to qualified email marketers with a track record of running successful campaigns.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

What is the point of taking your business online if you won’t get found by those who require your services? You will need to optimize your website for it to be visible to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are certain algorithms that these search engines use to determine which websites are qualified to be listed. The good news is that some SEO experts have mastered these various tricks to make search engines show your website to the right audience.

You can also list your real estate website on local directories online like iDeyList Business Directory Nigeria. This can also be done by SEO experts to give the desired results.

In conclusion, the real estate industry has a lot to benefit from applying effective digital marketing strategies. Not only will it lead to positive marketing results, it will also guarantee a high return on investment in the long run.


If you need further assistance on bespoke digital marketing strategies or require help on implementing the tips provided here, do contact us and one of our experts will be in contact.

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