5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Agricultural Business In Nigeria (Updated 2020)

The agro-industry is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s major sources of revenue generation. It comes as no surprise as Nigeria is very rich in agriculture and it’s laudable that individuals have started embracing the idea of returning to farming and other agro-related businesses.

Unfortunately, agro business owners have not taken full advantage of the opportunities provided by digital marketing. In order to succeed in the agro-industry, you need customers, and in order to get customers, you need to reach out to those who are interested in your products and services. This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing will help you reach out to the right audience wherever they are in Nigeria and abroad, and help convert these people into customers.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll discuss proven ways to improve agricultural businesses through digital marketing strategies in Nigeria.


You can boost sales in your agro business by displaying your products online for prospective customers to see. The days of going to a physical market is gradually phasing out and so many people have started taking advantage of ecommerce – selling of products and services online. This can be very lucrative for agricultural businesses as there are presently very few agro businesses with ecommerce websites in Nigeria. Anyone who wants a long term business would start tapping into this opportunity, and become an industry leader.

The benefits of an e-commerce platform to agricultural businesses include reaching a wider audience, new customers, new lead, and higher profitability in the long run. The good thing about having an ecommerce website is that everyone with access to the internet in Nigeria, and the rest of the world can buy from you without moving an inch from where they are.

Having identified the huge benefits of having an ecommerce website to showcase your agro products and services, setting up an ecommerce website can be very tricky and overwhelming, hence the need for a professional ecommerce website developer who can turn your ideas into a multi-million Naira business.


Thanks to the invention of social media, millions of people can now be easily reached at the same time and in the same place. This is one means through which agro-business owners can further enlighten the society about what agriculture is all about and give the society a glimpse of the passion and pride every farmer has about their livelihood. Such messages will have a positive impact in the society and encourage more individuals to get involved in it, which will help grow the agricultural sector.

The social media can also be used to market your agricultural produce and provides the platform to interact with both existing and prospective customers.

Any good social marketing agency in Nigeria can help you to set-up and manage a professional social media presence, whilst maximizing it potential.


The competition to be visible in major search engines is tense. Once you take your business online, the next line of action should be how to make people find you, and buy from you. While there are several other digital marketing strategies to help promote your business online, paid advertising is the only option that gives immediate results which can also be measured against your goal. Another benefit of paid advertising is that it brings you highly targeted audience, thereby increasing your chances of converting to a sale.

Once you have set-up an ecommerce store for your agricultural produce, investing in the paid advertising through social media, search engines, or third party websites will help get visitors to your store faster than you can imagine. Google AdWords, Bin Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn are only few of platforms where you can benefit from paid advertising. There are qualified and certified paid advertising experts who can help run your PPC campaigns to ensure you achieve a high return on investment. With this strategy, you can be on a level playing ground with the big shots and even win over their customers if it is done properly.



Pictures speak a thousand words! Humans are naturally attracted to things that are pleasant to the eyes. Deciding to introduce ecommerce into your agricultural business is just the first step to grow your business. After driving traffic to your ecommerce website using any of the aforementioned digital marketing strategies, it is now left for you to capture the hearts of your audience in order to convert them to customers. This is where corporate photography comes in.

Hire a professional corporate photographer to take eye catching photos of your products. Even if your website visitors weren’t planning on making a purchase, they’ll be pushed to do so because of how attractive the products look. This will sure lead to a boost in your business and give you high return on investment.

Now that you have the tools to take your agro-business online, it is very important that you choose the best strategies that would work for your area of agro-business. If you are still unsure of where to start from, or need further assistance in getting off the ground with a tailored digital marketing strategy, please contact us for a free advice. Ignoring these strategies will mean losing out on the numerous benefits which it has to offer. Don’t take the back seat, act now!

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