Why Outsourcing Your Content Marketing and Copywriting Services to a Digital Agency in Nigeria Is Most Profitable

Content marketing plays a very important role in the growth of any business. It’s one thing to have a good business plan in place and it’s another thing to market it to prospective customers and convince them to patronize you.

In order to reach your target audience, you need a very strategic content marketing plan and excellent copywriting skills. Technology is taking over the world and internet users are increasing rapidly by the day, hence the importance of digital marketing. You need a very effective digital marketing strategy to convert these internet users into customers which will result in more leads and increased profit.

It’s essential to get your content marketing strategy right as it makes a huge difference in achieving the desired result as well as a high return on investment. Hence, the need to employ a digital marketing agency who can interpret your business goals and convert it into an actionable content marketing plan that can easily be executed. Most full-service digital marketing agencies can also execute the content marketing plan, by writing copies (articles, web contents, advertising materials etc.) and distributing across several marketing channels.

Alternatively, you may decide to employ an in-house digital marketer, but here are some factors worth considering:

  • Skills & Expertise: In order to carry out an effective content marketing plan, you will need lots of brains. You have to get someone with good copywriting skills, excellent social media management skills, a design genius and an aggressive digital marketer. Someone who is excellent in all the aforementioned areas is either impossible to find, very hard to keep or very expensive to hire.
  • High Cost: While you might not mind paying excesses for the perfect digital marketing team, you have to keep in mind that if there is no high return on investment, the business is very likely to fail. It is not only about the salaries, you also have to consider costs of employment like hiring/recruitment cost, training cost, management, supervision, performance reviews, paid holidays, sick leave, benefits, office equipment, professional development cost etc.
  • Difficulty in Finding Talent: The demand for professional digital marketers is on the increase. The best marketers are already taken by digital marketing agencies, and there’s even a shortage of skilled candidates for digital marketing roles. A shortage of talent and an increase in demand for skilled digital marketers mean it is very difficult or almost impossible to build the perfect digital marketing team.

Having mentioned all the above factors, it is worth considering few advantages of outsourcing your content marketing and copywriting to a digital agency like TopYouGo, and why it is the most profitable step for any serious business.

  • Specialisation: A digital marketing agency has gone through the stress of hiring experts and they know how to select the best marketers. When you outsource your content marketing to an agency, you’re at peace knowing your business is in the hands of professionals who are skilled in digital marketing. They offer excellent copywriting services and skilled in developing the perfect content marketing plan. Their years of experience in the field enables them to know the exact digital marketing strategy to apply to your business in order to convert visitors into customers.
  • Cost Effective: Outsourcing your content marketing needs to an agency also helps you save cost. You do not have to bother about recruitment cost, training cost, employee benefits, paid holidays etc. It saves you from the hassles of employ 3 or more people just for creating and implementing a content marketing strategy.
  • High Return On Investment: A marketer’s biggest challenge is to prove return on investment. Outsourcing your content marketing and copywriting needs help take care of this diligently. A digital agency is filled with experienced experts who know how to get things done quickly and effectively. They are result focused and do not rely on trials or processes. An outsourced team knows how to analyze key performance indicators of a digital strategy in order to monitor ROI. They use this information to test, optimize and improve campaigns. This is very valuable and leads to a high return on your investment.
  • Excellent Social Media Management Skills: The power of social media cannot be While an in-house employee might be learning on the job, a digital agency knows exactly what to do to build a strong online presence for your business on different social media platforms. They know how to generate leads through social media. One of the best ways to market your products or services is by doing it on social media. With a digital agency, you don’t have to be bothered about whether you’ll get the contents right or how you’ll create awareness on the social media. They have this covered as their social media management skill is next to none.

Outsourcing your content marketing and copywriting services to a digital agency is a very good business practice as you are left with more time to focus on other key areas of your business. Having professionals handle your business helps boost business growth and gives you a chance to compete with the likes of large corporations that have been in the game for years.

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