6 Effective Tips on How to Increase App Downloads in Nigeria

If you have managed to build a mobile app in Nigeria, either for iOS or Android, please accept our hearty congratulations.

In Nigeria, people do not tap into the potentials offered by mobile apps for their ideas, products and services. Maybe they could not find capable app developers to help transform their needs into viable and efficient applications. However, if you have been able to get your app developed and uploaded to PlayStore and Apple Store, we congratulate you once again.

However, before we start with tips to increase your app download in Nigeria, you have to be sure that your app works. Efficient delivery of what your app promises is vital if you want to ensure that these tips we are about to give you translate to increased app download.

Now, let’s look at six things you should do to increase the download rate of your apps, especially in the Nigerian market.

Effective Tips on How to Increase App Downloads in Nigeria

1. Package on App Store

Optimising your application on the mobile app store to boost download is very important if you do not want to keep seeing poor numbers. First, start with the name. Research before picking a name for your app. Consider things like appeal, catchiness, relevance, and whether the name already exists.

Also, write a very detailed description of your app and strategically include relevant keywords. You should not just stuff your description with keywords – this is why we say strategically. Also, do include an enticing image as your app icon. Include crispy and engaging screenshots that show your app in action and depicts what it actually does.

You should also include a professionally made video of your app with instructions and illustrations.

Finally, make sure that you are transparent in your description by including the permissions required and monetisation strategies.

2. Advertise

Getting many downloads is what will put you at the top of search result lists on app stores in the first place. Being at the top of the list will in turn increase downloads for your app. How do you get many people to download your app in the first place? Through advertising!

If your app is well optimised on the app store, the next thing you should consider is advertising the app. We recommend Cost-Per-Install. That is, you pay the advertiser per installation of your app. While this might be expensive and weigh heavily on your budget, you get pushed to the top of the search result list and more people see your app, and then even more downloads.

3. Promos

If your app is one that people have to pay for, try giving massive discounts or making it entirely free for a frame of time to boost download and thereby increase visibility. Also, if you sell a product or service, give out freebies and discounts for those who patronise you through the app. This will draw more attention to the application.

You can also give incentives for people who download the app. For instance, you can give people who use your app access to your premium services, which they would have ordinarily paid for.

4. Get Word Out

Doing an official launch and making much noise while at it will help you get the word out about your app.  Have a press release and send to blogs and various news channels in your niche.

Try to vary the content of your press release on the different platforms you send it, to prevent duplication. Also, share news of your app and features widely on your social media. Creating a buzz around your app on social media is key to spreading the news and improving download rates.

5. Analytics

Measuring user behaviour is also very important if you want to increase your app download. It is better that you understand what and why people are doing with your app so that you will know exactly where to put in efforts. For instance, if analytics show that people delete your app shortly after they download, you know that this will eventually affect download rate and you need to find out what the app is not doing right.

Focusing on the user, by measuring their activities about your app, will help you know what issues to tackle and where to direct your energies. Google’s Universal Analytics is one of such tools that you can use to monitor stats on your app.

6. Reviews

Encourage reviews from users. Positive reviews help to improve download rate. Ask people to review your app both on the app store and on their blogs, forums and social media profiles. Also, encourage backlinks to your app.

Keep people talking about your app in good light on various platforms and see a rapid increase in download rate.

In conclusion, whether your app is new or you have built it for some time now, employing the above tips would increase download of your app within a very short time.


If you need further assistance on bespoke digital marketing strategies or require help on implementing the tips provided here, do contact us and one of our experts will be in contact.

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