Video Marketing Service

Undoubtedly, video has proven to be the most effective way for brands to reach and connect with their audiences. Video contents influence the way your consumers interact and engage with your brand and business. With your competitors already making a huge success from video marketing, video contents have to be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy and customer life cycle.

TopYouGo is Nigeria’s premier video marketing agency that develops creative and effective video marketing strategy designed to achieve your business goals, boost video engagement, and drive results. Like any other contents, we understand that the retention span for video content is very short, and we aim to grab the attention of your audience immediately, while also boosting video engagement from your target viewers.

Why you need a Video Marketing Strategy for your Business

Here are a few reasons why you should use quality video contents to promote your business:

  • Viewers retain and remember videos better than texts, images, and prints.
  • Video contents are powerful tools for connecting with your audience instantly.
  • Video drives more conversion as viewers tend to stay longer on web pages with video contents
  • Product videos say more about a product than texts which makes buyers more confident to make a purchase. Video makes your customers more likely to making a buying decision.
  • Video contents increase share, comments, views, like, and followers on social media business pages.
  • A good combination of educational, explainer, video demos, and testimonials improve the customer journey along the sales funnel.

If you want to increase audience engagement, conversion and ROI, now is the best time to tap into video marketing.

Achieve more with our Professional Video Marketing Services

Video Marketing Strategy

To discover the best video marketing solution and channel that suits your business, we will develop a bespoke video marketing strategy that is designed to achieve your marketing goals.

YouTube Video Advertising

With over 149 million monthly visitors on YouTube, we will help to connect with your audience better and grow your business with creative and strategic video marketing service built to achieve your business goals.

YouTube Video Optimisation

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. We will optimise your YouTube video contents using an effective video SEO strategy to boost views, engagement, and increase brand visibility.

Social Media Video Advertising

We will launch, manage and optimise your video contents using Facebook and Instagram video advertising campaigns. We will use our expert knowledge to minimise ad spend and maximise results. To advertise on LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest – contact us for more details.

Types of Videos we promote

– Live Video Streams
– Product Promotional Video
– Product Demos
– Service Promotional Video
– Video Testimonials

– Video Interviews and Client Success Stories
– Animated Videos
– Event Videos
– Vlogs
– Behind-the-Scenes Video and many more….

– Documentaries
– Company Overview Videos
– Office Videos
– Team Videos

Don’t have a video to promote or advertise? We have expertise in producing high quality video contents for interviews, documentary, events, brands, companies, products and many more.