Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is an open source web application that is used for creating and managing digital contents on any given website. Using a CMS to build a website requires little or no programming knowledge, which is good for the end user with little or no knowledge.

There are quite a number of content management systems in the digital market today tailored to suit different website needs, and they are regularly updated to meet up with the fast-paced ever-changing technology market.

One advantage of owning a website created with a CMS is that it requires little or no technical knowledge to manage. You can easily add or remove contents without being a web developer. The right CMS to use depends on what you want to achieve with your website, and what budget has been set aside for this.

We have a professional web development team to work with you in helping you decide what CMS is best for what your business, while considering your budget and long-term plan. Over the past years, our team has worked on quite a number of projects using different Content Management Systems and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Please feel free to ask for our advice.

We guarantee that irrespective of our clients’ technical background, CMS will give them the ability to manage their websites, and we provide 24/7 customer support to achieve this aim.

The Platforms We Use


This is one of the most popular CMS platforms and is reported to have over 60 million users. It has endeared the heart of so many due to its easy to use nature and user-friendly interface. There is a constant development of themes, plugins and widgets from people all around the world and you will need little or no web developing experience to manage websites built with this CMS.


This is another user-friendly open source content management system. When you take into account factors such as cost, time, quality, flexibility and control, then Joomla is the CMS for you.

Some of the biggest and most respected companies in the world use Joomla, and it has more than 6000 extensions readily available on the internet. The admin area is simple to use, and the default templates are simply stunning.


When you talk about flexibility and popularity, Drupal comes to mind. It is an open source platform that can be easily extended through the vast number of open source community modules.


This platform is suitable for intranet, corporate and eCommerce websites. It provides a good “out-of-the-box” feature set combined with a sensible licensing model.


This is an open source easy to use CMS. It can be used to create any website ranging from campaign & brochure sites right through to corporate websites for FTSE-listed companies. It was introduced in 2004 and has been used to build over 250,000 websites for some of the world’s leading brands.


This is a modern ASP.NET CMS with intuitive drag and drop interface. It is also a marketing analytics platform designed to maximise the agility needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace.


This CMS is owned by eBay and boasts to be the number one e-commerce CMS in the world. It is a highly flexible open source CMS suited for selling products online. It is easily customizable and gives you the option to choose from hundreds of extensions to suit your online store need.


This open source CMS is made specifically for e-commerce. It is a free shopping cart system that is PHP based using a MySQL database and HTML components. This platform comes with an inbuilt affiliate system where affiliates can be paid for promoting specific products. If you are looking at opening an e-commerce website, then this platform should be put into great consideration.

Our web development team would be glad to discuss your website requirements with you and help you choose the right CMS to achieve your desired site. Contact us today.