Brand Audit

In a market that is cluttered with several competing products and services, to connect with your customers, your brand should be easily identifiable and distinctive from the rest? So how do you measure your brand performance compared to other similar brands? What feelings do your customers have towards your brand? How do you create an experience that is worth sharing? Does your brand connect with its customers consistently and effectively?

These are the sort of questions that give your business the competitive edge over other brands, once addressed properly. With our brand audit service, we take a holistic view of the current strengths and weaknesses of your brand with the purpose of helping to shape and perfect your brand.

Why do you need a Brand Audit?

Let’s get this right!

Your brand goes beyond just your logo and the looks of your website.

The way your logo, website and social media pages looks do matter, but the way all the visible elements of your business blend and connect with each other in unison is what makes your brand effective. To maximise the effectiveness of your brand, it is highly advisable to undergo a brand audit.

Whether you are planning to launch a new brand, or you want to see how your brand is currently performing in the marketplace, TopYouGo can help. Our brand audit service provides a complete and extensive overview of how your brand is currently performing and positioned in the marketplace, and how your brand can be the leader to contend with.

Why choose TopYouGo for your Brand Audit?

TopYouGo can help you to conduct a brand analysis and research while providing you with actionable plans, suggestions and recommendations that can take your brand to a higher level. As part of our brand audit, we also analyse the relationship with all stakeholders (consumers, employees, sales channel, management, shareholders, press, regulators and other influencers) of your brand. Our final reports are clear, concise and comprehensive.

Our Process:

Your Answered Questions On Brand Audit

We are doing well as a company, is there any need for a Brand Audit?

The main purpose of a brand audit is to check how effective your branding is currently performing, and if any elements require improving. It is no gainsaying that the stronger a brand is, the more effective, engaging, inspiring and profitable the brand is. Without a Brand Audit, you cannot find out new growth opportunities

Can't I conduct a Brand Audit myself?

This depends on your level of knowledge and expertise. For large organisations with dedicated marketing staffs who are brand audit savvy, this can be done internally. For large organisations or small businesses without the necessary resources, conducting a brand audit without the help of an expert could be very destructive, as you might end up building a brand based on emotions and a biased opinion. It is much more rewarding to employ an agency that specialises in Brand Auditing.

How often should I conduct a Brand Audit?

Brand Audit should be a continuous process whether monthly or yearly, periodically or randomly. Regular brand audits allow you to act proactively by identifying potential slippage and growth opportunities throughout your brand’s lifecycle. Regular brand audits provide you with an insight into how your brand is performing on a continuous basis.

Do you require any information from us to conduct a Brand Audit?

We will carry you along all through the process, from inception to completion. We will require few details from you which will help us to get started with the brand audit. You will be assigned a Project Manager who will help with any query you might have along the way.

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